Wool – and a lot more!

Welcome at Wollknoll – Your trader for all kinds of material for felting, spinning, knitting, dying and sewing.

New products

33,00 EUR
33,00 EUR per
89,50 EUR
89,50 EUR per kg
12,00 EUR
12,00 EUR per VE
11,00 EUR
11,00 EUR per m
38,00 EUR
38,00 EUR per m
16,99 EUR
16,99 EUR per
16,99 EUR
16,99 EUR per
12,90 EUR
12,90 EUR per


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only 10,33 EUR
10,33 EUR per m
only 14,98 EUR
14,98 EUR per
only 8,95 EUR
8,95 EUR per
only 8,72 EUR
8,72 EUR per m
only 9,43 EUR
9,43 EUR per m

About us

Wollknoll GmbH is a family business owned by Sonja and Bernd Fritz in Oberrot, Germany, near Schwäbisch-Hall. What started 1993 as a small family-owned manufacturing business for raw wool processing intended for sheep farming has developed into a renowned venture. Mehr lesen.
Workshops 2019

Wollknoll offers a range of creatives workshops. You find the entire programme here as a PDF file.

Felt School

Further Educational Program “Fit in Filz”

The program “Fit in Filz” conveys well-founded technical felting knowledge, together with artistic design elements, for a successful felting practice. Read more