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Wollknoll GmbH – Wool and a lot more!
A glance behind the scenery of a family-owned business

Here you can find a wide range of different new wool from all kinds of sheep – in the form of flakes, fleeces or carded bands.

Wolle Fleeces
At our production site, cleaned flakes of raw wool turn into wonderfully soft fleeces and bands. According to each brand of wool (fat content, fibre structure and -length) they are suitable for a great variety of textile handicraft techniques like felting, spinning and darning. On the photo you see a carding machine with flakes of mountain sheep dyed red. During the carding process, innumerable needles comb the fibres, loosen them up and turn them to a parallel course. Dirt, such as vegetable remains and very short fibre elements are combed out. From roller to roller the fibres are being transported over thousands of barbed hooks, until at last they reach the last big roller in finespun layers. Here the fleece is made, 1 x 2 m long; its weight is 1 kg.

Color range
We produce natural-colored, monochrome and colorfully tinged fleeces of different kind of flakes. All fleece dyeing is effectuated according to our color guidelines in Germany in accordance with the Öko-Tex® Standard 100 by a firm certified after the GOTS standard with whom we have been working together for a long time.

Tinged fleeces are made by carding differently colored wool together. In the previous years we have been constantly offering new shades and creations – mixtures of different colors of a single fibre quality as well as of different brands of wool. So for example there is a Stone Sheep-New Zealand-Mix or a “regional variant”, our so-called Süddeutsche Mischung (Mix from Southern Germany) which consists of 50 % of wool by the Southern German Mountain Sheep and 50 % of Southern Germany Merino.

Wool Bands
In order to get a product with longer fibres, the fleece wool is divided into strands after the carding. These strands, weighting approx. 20 g/m are being pulled through a fine comb, so all short fibres will protrude. 

According to the wool that is used in felting the result differs. With the wool of the Austral Merino you get a smooth, kind of closed surface, while with the wool of New Zealand sheep the course of the fibre flow remains visible. Since fleece wool is more short-fibred than carded wool, the spinning of fleece wool requires some experience. We can only recommend it for advanced spinners. As to the wool qualities offered in our shop we always supply information about the felting and spinning characteristics of the wool in question.
Wir geben Ihnen bei den Qualitäten im Shop jeweils Hinweise auf die Filz- und Spinneigenschaften der Wolle.

Our complete product range
Apart from our most diverse range of wool in fleece or carded bands in natural hues, dyed or tinged we are glad to offer as well:

  • Animals hairs, silk or plant fibres, wool and silk mixes
  • Fashionable knitting yarns in top quality
  • High quality fabrics – from fine silk to sturdy fulled fabrics.
  • Silk cloth, felt for craft supplies and embroidery yarns
  • Buttons, pearls, leather bands and accessories for jewelry
  • Materials and fittings for making dolls or teddy bears 
  • Fittings for dyeing in natural or chemical textile colors
  • Filling materials, scent and soaps
  • Appliances, accessories, machines and tools for wool processing
  • A carding machine and a spinning wheel of our own production
  • All kinds of literature concerning felting, knitting, sewing and creative design
  • Finished products like socks, scarves, stoles, cuffs and furs